Master of Fine Arts in Scenic Design University of Virginia, 5/05
Thesis - “Drawing and Scenic Design: Conversations with G.W. Mercier, Jim Bakkom, and John Conklin.”

Bachelor of Arts - Theatre Major, Philosophy Minor, Gustavus Adolphus College, 5/01

Academic Positions

Director of Design - Massachusetts Institute of Technology Music and Theater Arts  2008 - Present

Guest Instructor - Harvard University Spring 2014 - Present

Professor of Practice - University of Virginia Department of Drama Fall 2013

Adjunct Lecturer - University of Virginia Department of Drama 2005-2007

Talks, Panels & Workshops

Guest speaker - Performance in a Virtual World - Brown University 

Robert Lepage Workshop: Playing Cards 

Workshop Instructor - MIT, Harvard, and Emerson students in this course spent the semester developing scenes based on the process laid out for them in a workshop lead by 2012 

McDermott Award winner Robert Lepage. At the end of the semester, Lepage returned to MIT to respond to the work generated by the class and continue the conversation with students.

My New Friend Su - Development Workshop with Robert Wilson November 2011

Workshop coordinator - MIT collaborators joined with Robert Wilson to create scenes for a new work entitled “My New Friend Su” which explores our varied relationships to seeing and the technologies that  translate visual information to those with partial vision.

Time as the Shaper of Events Forum - January 2010

Presenter and panelist - With panelists  Michael Cuthbert, Music Historian, MIT Professor, Robert Jaffe, Physicist, MIT Professor of Physics, and Libby Larsen, composer.

Set Designs

The American Repertory Theater - Cambridge, MA
The Shape She Makes                                Jonathan Berstein director    4/14     
The Lily’s Revenge                                     Shira Milikowsky director    10/12

Sideshow Theater Company - Chicago, IL
The Gacy Play                                            Jonathan Green director    6/12

The Kitchen, New York, NY
World of Wires                                          Jay Scheib director           1/12

The ART Institute - Cambridge, MA
Bride Widow Hag                                       Shira Milikowsky director    1/15                  
A Bright New Boise                                    Marcus Stern director        10/14        
Twelfth Night                                             Shira Milikowsky director    5/14
The Flu Season                                          Marcus Stern director        2/13
Bob: A Life in Five Acts                              Shira Milikowsky director    2/12

The Lyric Stage Company - Boston, MA

The Temperamentals                                  Jeremy Johnson director    3/12

The Brooklyn Academy of Music - Brooklyn, NY 
Hagoromo                                                   David Michalek director       11/15
A House in Bali                                           Jay Scheib director        9/10

The Dana Tai Soon Burgess Company - Washington, DC
Becoming American (co-video design)      Dana Burgess director    10/11
Charlie Chan (co-video design)                  Dana Burgess director    10/10
Island (video design)                                  Dana Burgess director    10/08
Images from the Embers (scenic design)   Dana Burgess director    3/06
Presentations some of these pieces held in Lima, Arequipa, and Cusco, Peru.

The Walker Art Center - Minneapolis, MN
The Making of Americans                            Jay Scheib director        12/08
(Contributed Additional Design - Chris Larson Scenic Designer)    

Central Square Theater
Mr. G                                                             Wesley Savick director    4/13
Distracted                    Wesley Savick director    5/13

LiveArts - Charlottesville, Virginia
The Philadelphia Story                                  Betsy Tucker director        1/14
A Streetcar Named Desire                            John Gibson director        5/07
Amadeus                                                        Mendy St. Ours director    9/06
Wintertime                                                     Betsy Tucker director        12/04

Ashlawn Opera Festival - Charlottesville, Virginia
La Boheme                                                     Patrick Hansen director    6/07
The Sound of Music                                       David Lefkowich director    6/07

Heritage Repertory Theatre - Charlottesville, Virginia
Sunday in the Park with George                    Bob Chapel director        7/06
My Way                                                          Steven Levine    director    7/05

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Music and Theater Arts
Pullman, WA & The Appeal                            Anna Kohler director        4/15
The Day The Earth Stood Still                       Charlotte Brathwaite director 2/15    
The Pillowman                                                Janet Sonenberg director    4/14
Arcadia                                                            Kim Mancuso director        1/14
Elektra                                                             Jay Scheib director        4/13
Margo Veil (and co-video design)                   Wesley Savick director    2/14
My Uncle (after Uncle Vanya)                         Anna Kohler director        2/12
La Ronde                                                         Anna Kohler director        4/11
Hydriotaphia                                                  Janet Sonenberg director    2/11
Arms and the Man                                          Michael Ouellette director    4/10
Antiretrovirals and Water Refugees              John Bell director        4/09
Julius Caesar                                                   Michael Ouellette director    2/09

Suffolk University Theater Department - Boston, Massachusetts
The Saint Plays                Wesley Savick            11/14